In months of developing, designer Franziska Belangela turned an idea over a glass of red wine into an innovative shoe concept. She focused on the iconic heel, which was developed over nine months in collaboration with an experienced Italien shoe technician and futuristic 3D software.

This resulted in complex molds in which the acrylic glass is cast. The key factors of this process: statics and comfort. That’s why carbon steel pens are integrated into the heels and screwed into the shoe sole.

This is how they pass every stress test.

Franziska Belangela has worked out every seam and every detail by hand, so that the rest of the shoe can do justice to the high quality heel.

The shoe and its sole are made from finest calf leather. All components are made in Italy and manufactured by an Italian family-owned business with decades of experience in Civitanova Marche. That’s why Franziska Belangela stands for craftsmanship that is rarely found nowadays.