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About us

The best ideas usually come with a decent drink. German designer Franziska Belangela proves that this exact drink can also be part of the inspiration. Her passion for high heels gave rise to the idea for an innovation that will ease the everyday life of women who wear heels – and at the same time ensure breathtaking eye-catchers.

Franziska Belangela is a born problem solver: She was looking for a solution to stop stiletto heels from sinking in. She loves the art of beautifully designed heels, but often they are incredibly impractical or uncomfortable. So she created an innovation. Her brand’s heels follow the elegant silhouette of a drink, the base is reinforced by a small, round platform that is reminiscent of the foot of a wine glass. These special heels are complemented by unique prints that follow the inspiration of iconic drinks like Champagne, Cosmopolitan, or Martini, making them truly unique.

The way from a revolutionary idea to the perfectly manufactured heels wasn’t an easy one: it took Belangela a few months to develop the prototype together with a traditional Italian manufacturer. Made of fine acrylic glass and reinforced with a carbon steel panel pin, the heels guarantee stability and comfort, despite being eleven centimeters high.

It is complemented by Italian calf leather, printed with a special HD print, partially refined by airbrush. Belangela is not only interested in the perfect result, but also in fair and sustainable production together with traditional Italian shoemakers.

In the future, the brand will revolve around the key pieces with their spectacular drink design, but will also be expanded with different collection themes and limited editions. The unconventional designer wants to create styles that form an eye-catcher out of every look and ensure a bombshell appearance.